I work with middle aged adults who are lost and searching for a deeper meaning in their life through spiritual exploration.

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Why was Spirit and Coffee created?

Spirit & Coffee started organically after I received a message from GOD to share the sacred teachings of spiritual alchemy to people who are seeking a way to walk their divine birthright. The idea behind all the teaching is to support people to understand the interworking of their own suffering and how to overcome the suffering. When we learn that our suffering is a result of our own doing, we can begin to untangle the knots that have kept us in a perpetual cycle of painful illusions.


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What They're Saying About The Spirit and Coffee Podcast

“Since May 2018 when the universe brought Natalie into my life in a very serendipitous way, I couldn't count the amount of times she has helped me through difficult moments, sometimes unintentionally. Natalie has a natural gift of wisdom, light and kindness that she shares with the world, she has guided me to becoming a more realised and evolved version of myself.

The Spirit and Coffee podcast is such a humble, honest way that she shares her wonderful wisdom, heart and soul, it's truly a highlight of my day. I very much enjoy when I can be a part of the Facebook live sessions, which allow people to interact with Natalie and ask questions and guidance, and also interact and connect with each other. A beautiful service to the world from a beautiful person. Thank you Natalie.”


“I have reached out to Natalie twice over the last few years and I highly recommend her services. As a small business owner we are often faced with stressful decisions and having a resource like Natalie allows me to be open to new perspectives. Natalie assigns help homework projects to assist you in your discoveries.

My small business is a live events production company and in the spring of 2020 we found our industry in ruins. I was unable to steady my thoughts and make plans because I couldn't see beyond the massive impacts of COVID. With the help of weekly calls with Natalie I was able to gain calmness and put a plan forward into place.”

-Shawn Cosner

“Having Natalie as my coach has allowed me to live a life with authenticity and a clear vision of what I want in my life. I highly recommend her as she is a powerful coach who will ask you those tough questions in order to have you gain clarity. I love that she brings a spiritual touch to all her sessions which makes them unique. I have gained so much knowledge of who I am and what I value in my life thanks to her. Natalie is one of a kind. If you're looking to upgrade your life she's the person to contact!”

-Linda Galindo

Podcast FAQ

Who is Spirit and Coffee for?

People who are seeking a new path in life or are searching for spiritual meaning in their life.

What kind of episodes can you look forward to?

Reading from books on Spiritual Alchemy, Talks about healing through trauma, overcoming internal battles, looking to the future, creating new live practices and purpose, understanding the question “who you are?”

How often is Spirit and Coffee produced?

Typically Monday-Friday approximately 7:30am MST

Why should you listen?

Anyone who is seeking to enrich their life by understanding who they are and the power they embody.

Learn More about the host of the Spirit and Coffee Podcast

Meet Natalie

My name is Natalie Pena aka Kamala aka Nesha. I have been a practitioner of the Great Work since birth. My divine purpose is to support people in living their divine birthright. This means that I support people with understanding how their real-life experiences impact us in realizing who we are, what our purpose is, and how to leave our legacy. My work with clients is an opportunity to get uncomfortable and start to create legacy with intention. I have spent my whole life searching for Truth, and what I have found is we all have our own personal truth in how we experience the physical world. Therefore, everyone has their own unique fingerprint to leave in this world. I support people in identifying what it is they choose to imprint this world with.

About Live Videos

I have been doing live videos for over three years. There was a progression that led to Spirit and Coffee. I was reading the Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys to Christ Consciousness when I received the message that I should share this information with the world. During the readings, I try to give a deeper esoteric meaning to the information provided. As everything is interconnected, it is beneficial to explain the information from different perspectives. This allows for engagement from people who show up to the live videos. I always welcome different points of view, as I only know what I know, and I am open to seeing things in several different ways. I highly encourage people to engage in the live videos.

Why Coffee?

Besides spirit, I LOVE coffee! I have spent years learning how to manage my health. Throughout my health journey, I have detoxed from sodium and sugar. After detoxing, I decided that I would not compromise my coffee. Therefore, I encourage you to bring your favorite cup of coffee to these talks. You can also share your favorite coffee with me!